the truth

by Halfdeaf

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cover photo: B. Martin


released June 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Halfdeaf Knoxville, Tennessee

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Track Name: the druckqs
my name is

oh man you know it, not gonna say it this time
just kiddin - halfdeaf!

today's a good day to rhyme

I keep it coming like ejaculating mommies with buns in tummies
don't front on me in front of me or gun me down or shun me for my DRUQZ

Just try and keep pace or else I'm all up in your place
and gotta clean space or else I'm hauling out your DRUQZ
I don't give a fuck about your buddy and his nugs
you gotta give it up man all you talk about is DRUQZ

but you dont got shit yourself and maybe at best
you got some bitch ass little homey with an uncle into DRUQZ
can I put it on front street? you live on fuckin front street bitch
I'm bout to hustle this humbly like I'm in LOVE

come correct or dont come g, not out here for fun g
I'm out here lecturing & teaching suckers like Bun B
and what would the fun be of puttin up front g?
double K up in my chorus, what's up D?

never spit about an Escalade if you ain't rollin
dont spit about no weapons if you know you ain't holding

go head and test me bout my shotgun, you don't think I got one?
shit'll make you run like baby snot, son
instead of murder you with hot ones I'ma bust a battle beat
with shuffle hats and redefine the job, son

I'm iller than an octogenarian mob boss that's eaten hot sauce
bigger white boy fro than fuckin Bob Ross
mo slant eyed than Michelle Rodriguez after gettin sauced
My style is iller than Michael Piller if he had written LOST

puttin knoxville on the map this time, you feel me
fort sanders gulf park 4th and gill seqoyiah hills
my folks in West Hills hey how y'all feel
my girl sophdaddy up north know what the deal is

Halfdeaf raps invade up in your brain
maryjane to maintain and liquor to gain fame
if you wanna test me you can test me but lemme say
I do not fuck around with fake bitches or play games

never spit about an Escalade if you ain't rollin
dont spit about no weapons if you know you ain't holding

I'd make an awful jeweler cause I clearly fuck a loop up
I'd make an excellent bugler cause seriously pump the troops up
if real recognize real, I've never seen you before in my life
so what's the deal, you gonna rap or just cry?

man fuck it

you never heard my music, you never saw my shows
you never gave a fuck, contempt for you can only grow
you always motor mouthin, you never sayin shit
let's toe to toe about it, or else I blow this bitch

you think battling me somewhow gonna make you bigger?
you see a coward in me? if so then how you figure?
I built a tower in me so high it make you shiver
straight fuck you up just for saying the word 'wigger'

I make the fattest beats and I write the dopest flows
Spray graf up in the streets hold mic up at a show
I'm not getting defeated rolling deep up with my bros
I'm hot between the sheets, ask your girlie if she knows
Track Name: the darkness

I sure am gonna miss you when you're gone
miss all of our late night conversations, word is bond
I still think of the weekend of the W/A release and
the blisters that you got on the tops of your beautiful feet and

I'll miss having the hottest sex in campers and tents
I'll miss working hard together at paying the fuckin rent
The way you'd argue with me without makin a dent
top model, city buses, text messages sent

Miyazaki films!
I miss the way sleeping next to you feels
I miss how you'd internet order all kinds of eff me heels
and we would

eat so good and smoke so good, catching rec for reals
every morning shower together shave them legs and still

have the energy to raise kids and
pay rent with late fees and
say shit
stay hit and
stay split
and quit arguing
or trying to-and,
accomplishing the opposite of
everything we ever tried to fuckin do and


I'll have to face the darkness alone
I guess I'll have to face the darkness alone now

I wonder if you're gonna miss me when you're gone
I wonder if you'll even think about me and my stupid songs
and my stupid bong, well your bong, whatever
I wonder if you kept any of my letters, and if you're sleeping better
and if you're keepin cheddar and if you're reading sci-fi,
oh my bad "fantasy" I hope you're getting some wi-fi
how time flies, you still keepin them dry eyes? and sleepin with dry thighs?

my my my my

I miss helping you do the dishes, and by help I mean groping you
while you're trying to walk up stairs or even lean over to
shave them legs in the shower and go to work and do
that mundane shit I have no patience for an overview

But I'm over you

Or at least thats what I update in my status
I'd really love to fight, I could use the practice but
for now remind me again with a last kiss from my enchantress
how my skin warms to the touch of your madness

I'll have to face the darkness alone
I guess I'll have to face the darkness alone now

I've been okay, you know me, all peaks and valleys
It's good to have Jubei around especially on sad days but
There are less and less of those as time goes that a way and
I feel like I'm becoming obsessed with Anne Hathaway, actual-lay

in all seriousness I was serious when I called you forever partner
I just didn't know what forever meant, serious business is awful
when there's kids involved on both sides and and law is involed
whole nights of not sleeping a wink at all

but at least we had each other
for better or worse as lovers
forever at work for nothing,
forever a jerk for punchin
forever it hurts when something you say you can never take back or erase

sometimes I can't even remember your face

and sometimes it kills me because I can't get your face out of my head
especially when I'm laying in bed you feel me?
Of course you feel me, even from 400 miles away
I know you can hear me and all I'm sayin is: everything's gonna be okay

I'll have to face the darkness alone
I guess I'll have to face the darkness alone now