the stress (single)

by Halfdeaf

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released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Halfdeaf Knoxville, Tennessee

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Track Name: the stress
god damn had to sling in fort sanders
keep the door locked cause them foes know what the plan is
hoes know what the jam is
it's bubble kush standard
keep the keys to the safe on a Bethesda Games lanyard

And I be gaming with some bastards
that cold head shot a mother fucker high and plastered
so go tell ya mama Mr. Button Up Stafford
dumb ass frat boy we beat ya till ya ass hurt

and fuckin cash works you can cop the dub sack
3.5 up in your hoodie in your blunt wrap
vaporize up in your studio to crunk rap
realize that you were diggin on this funk track

it was a cash game 2003 makin money in a fast way
got people callin me I'll call you back it's in the ash tray
blunted on a Tuesday super into ass-play love that fuckin bootay

{you got two good ears
{man I'm deaf in my left
{don't ask me why I'm mother fuckin stressed homeboy

I love them fort sanders girls with them tiny ass shorts
I love them sequoyah hills girls running for sport
I love them art building bitches spraying graf up under bridges
and them nerdy ass mamas makin apps and writing widgets

in the campus library, damn she might barely
have a chance wicha boy if she danced for ya boy
lose them pants for ya boy, make it bounce and enjoy,
pulling that hair like she was counselor troy

I make Tri-Dels eat AO-Pis sorority thighs
I'm likin what I'm seein girls, majority-wise
Ma'am I'd like to burn some trees with you
ignoring these guys and then relax and shoot the skeet but girl
I've already tried, so

sit back and learn to twist a blunt
you gotta lick it
a pencil skirt and Jimmy Choos
and you can get it
that Donna Karan nylons steez
I'd never quit it
Laurel Avenue in the back seat
I'm gettin widdit

{you got two good ears
{man I'm deaf in my left
{don't ask me why I'm mother fuckin stressed homeboy


what is this? numbers in your pocket?
I remember when you...